About Littledale Fine Wines

Simply put, we distribute boutique wines, beer and cider to your door and to  restaurants, bars and Hotels throughout Sydney.

Our goal is to provide wines that have been painstakingly made with the care that only comes from boutique vineyards and the families that operate them. For the beerlover, we provide Australian made beer and East African Lager and Malt.

The high demand from Sommeliers and restaurant owners, to create new and interesting wine lists, means we are continuously looking for new brands to add to our portfolio.

Our wines are not available in commercial bottle stores, and most are of very limited allocations, making them even more so exclusive.

Our passion is wine, beer and cider and we will deliver boutique wines and unique beer and cider direct to your door.

Welcome to our wine list.

I don't know what to order!

Please feel free to contact our office anytime to discuss wines, and of course to order, we love hearing from our customers, and have extensive experience in wine matching, and are pretty good at putting together that perfect gift, or personal treat!

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